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Why Bitcoin Price is Volatile

Lucas Cicek
2 weeks ago

Bitcoin prices are driven by so many factors. At a macro level, it is the factor of demand and supply that determines whether prices move to the upside or downside. To fully grasp the volatile nature of Bitcoin prices, one needs to understand the following points: 1) What drives the interest in Bitcoin? 2) Who […]

How Regulations will Affect Crypto Investors in 2019?

2 weeks ago

Keeping an eye on regulations is imperative for crypto investors as the fast-changing regulatory environment can have a subst…

Bitcoin Whitepaper: Summarized and Explained

1 month ago

The development of major institutions and establishments have been made by factual groundbreaking specialized inventions that…

Blockchain Opportunities For Africa

1 month ago

Despite the fact that blockchain technology is still in it’s early stages, Tech enthusiasts in Africa are using its sig…

How Bitcoin Price and Value is Determined

When Satoshi Nakamoto introduced Bitcoin in 2009, it was worth basically nothing. There were no exchanges or market, use…

How Crypto and Blockchain can Improve Banking

The blockchain technology is growing rapidly and going the extra mile of proving itself to be the perfect platform for e…

Blockchain: Meaning and How it works.

The Blockchain technology has been the powerhouse for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies till date. Recently, there has …

Understanding Market cycles and Trends

A bubble happens when investors place so much demand on an asset that they drive the price beyond any accurate or ration…

Cryptocurrency Trading – Ultimate Guide (2019)

Public interest in cryptocurrencies are surging. It seems for all intents and purposes to be among the biggest tren…

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