How Crypto and Blockchain can Improve Banking

The blockchain technology is growing rapidly and going the extra mile of proving itself to be the perfect platform for experiments in the monetary and banking sector. 

The present influx of inventions and experiments that are carried out in the monetary and technological industry is channeling a vast domain of opportunities that have the potential to resolve issues that affect the present financial system. However, it is not a confidential discussion that Blockchain is prepared to remodel or disrupt the banking sector. 

Majority of the top banking establishments in the World are vigorously operating on their very own blockchain applications. Some are functioning in platforms that focus on limiting the liberty that Blockchain innovation provides to pursue their own diverse ends. 

Nonetheless, Blockchain is placed among the serious technologies in the monetary sector right from the advent of physical cash. There is currently a hype all over on how it would transform the world. Just as Uber changed the whole concept of the private transportation sector, so will blockchain transform the banking industry.

Ways that the banking industry can be improved by blockchain

Wondering what blockchain and crypto have to offer to the banking industry? With this innovation, you get access to decentralization, accessibility, clarity, reliability, saving of cost, swift transfers, enhanced data quality, and so much more.

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Some of the ways that blockchain will completely transform the banking industry include;

Reduction of Fraudulent Activities

The banking industry is most times plagued with economic crimes. This is because most of these establishments are the middlemen and they function on a centralized database. 

A centralized database is prone to attacks by cyber hackers. The reason for this is because it makes use of a distinct point of collapse. This means that if hacked, the hacker gains complete access to information in the system. 

However, blockchain can resolve this issue of a susceptible centralized database by recommending a decentralized database.

Processing claims and Insurance

In banking, every action is meant to have a bond that rightly describes not only rights but services too. The issue with this bond written on paper is that their delivery takes lots of time, it can be faked or possibly ruined. 

With blockchain smart contracts, one is spared these imperfections as transfers to move titles to either goods or funds is carried out digitally. This crucially reduces cost as it writes off fees linked with intermediaries and builds a structure of assured validity. 

Blockchain’s smart contracts have been helpful in carrying out insurance policies. It offers clarity and easily monitored for every allegation that may lead to any form of pay-out. Blockchain will dismantle the already existing silos, enhance threat modeling for the insurance sector and tremendously reduce fraud.

Know Your Customer

This is an effective agreement requirement for every banking industry. The reason for this scrutiny is merely to aid reduction in fraudulent activities such as laundering of money and terrorist activities. However, the KYC procedure is profoundly slow and highly expensive for a centralized model in which diverse groups are demanded to execute the task. 

Blockchain, however, simplifies the workload by offering a computerized source of identity data and enables an autonomous distribution of files amongst Banks and other agencies. This innovation will lower administrative fee, back computerized account opening and still control data confidentiality.

Fund Raising 

While businesses commonly had to convince angel investors for funding, Blockchain innovation is changing the fundraising comparison by enabling businesses to raise funds on a peer to peer platform via share offerings dispersed around the world. Startups are already adopting this current funding method.


There is no doubt that the invention of blockchain will offer lots of opportunities that will change the banking institution. The blockchain is rapidly opening up world markets just as the internet transformed access to information.

Disclaimer: This post has been contributed just for educational purposes and should not be regarded as financial advice of any sort.


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